Our vision is to be a leader in cancer immunotherapy improving patient treatment through novel monoclonal antibodies, inducing programmed cell death in cancer cells.

Cancer treatment has generally been based on treatment with drugs and modalities that are cytotoxic to both cancer and healthy cells. Advances in immunotherapy open new possibilities for selective targeting of cancer cells.

Caedo Oncology develops new strategies for monoclonal antibody-based therapy centered around activation of distinctive pathways for cell death in cancer cells. The company was established in November 2020 based on research performed at Oslo University Hospital.

Scientific basis of the company

Based on hybridoma technology and cancer research the founders of Caedo Oncology have identified new and proprietary monoclonal antibodies. Upon binding to distinct parts of the cell surface proteins as CD47, CD99 and HLA class I molecules these monoclonal antibodies trigger novel pathways for programmed cell death of cancer cells. Responsive cancer cells have been proven to be efficiently killed through unique signal pathways with low concentrations of antibodies. Different from other cell death pathways, Caedo´s proprietary antibodies provide a strong caspase-independent cell death signal to the malignant cells within minutes.

Research and development

CO-1 is a novel bifunctional anti-CD47 monoclonal antibody which
efficiently block SIRPα – CD47 interactions and unlike other CD47 monoclonal antibodies, induces direct and fast programmed cell death of cancer cells.

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